Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction is built into Harper’s DNA. As a passion and part of our company culture and values, we actively manage all projects with sustainability in mind.

Harper has successfully completed 30+ LEED certified projects and over $290 million dollars of LEED certified construction. With the transformation of sustainable rating systems, Harper has activity pursued projects involving Green Globes certifications, having completed the first Green Globes certified project for Greenville County Schools.

Additionally, Harper has taken an active stance on partnering with Environmental Systems clients to achieve Envision certification, a green initiative focused on implementing sustainable infrastructure projects.

With the evolution of sustainability, our focus has shifted from first cost solutions, to those that provide the best choice over the life-cycle of the building. It is our desire to inform our clients of the many choices related to sustainable design and construction and empower them to make the right choice for their project.

Benefits include:

  • Sustainability review during design
  • Cost impact study with recommendations on how to best manage cost
  • Material management and tracking
  • Recycling and reuse program to mitigate landfill usage
  • Indoor air quality management


  • Create a sustainable design and construction in order to preserve our environment
  • Provide cost-effective solutions to promote care of our environment
  • A healthier and more productive employee workspace due to the benefits of daylighting and air quality
  • Better energy efficiency resulting in lower operating costs

Case Study

Seneca Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Sustainability has been a focus of the news cycle and academic journals for the past several decades. Most recently, with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Katia, we have seen the direct impact chang...

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What People Are Saying

“We found the collaborative process beneficial throughout the project. From the beginning of the design to the grand opening, we actively engaged the community to develop a water treatment plant we are all very proud of.”

Bob Faires
Director of Utilities
(for Seneca WTP Upgrades)