White Oak at North Grove


Harper’s third project with White Oak Manor, the North Grove Facility is a best-in-class senior living and wellness facility. The campus is an 85,000 SF, 132-bed facility with separate households, a community room, a beauty shop, and dining places. Baths were replaced by spas and nurses’ stations that are hidden to aid with resident comfort. The facility is surrounded by landscaped courtyards, giving residents an abundance of options to meet & socialize on campus.


  • White Oak Management, Inc.

What People Are Saying

“We couldn't have asked for a better team on this project, once again it has been a pleasure working with you and Harper Corporation. The collaborative nature which you work contributed heavily to the overall success of this project, with minimal change orders and RFI's.  As usual, the communication was effective and efficient: as often as needed but not constant or overbearing, tough where required and always honest. I sincerely look forward to working with you on the next project and with that said, I will be in touch soon to do just that!”

Stuart Barber, AIA, LEED AP
Associate Principle and Director of Senior Living
(for White Oak at North Grove)

“Just want you all to know that one of the residents that admitted today has decided to change his code status from DNR to a full code status. The statement was ‘I really like this place, can I change that now’… AWESOME!”

Andy Nelson
(for White Oak at North Grove)

“The fact that we are on our third job with the Harper Corporation is a testament to their ability to produce excellent results within the projected timeline and on budget.”

John P. Barber, CPA
(for White Oak at North Grove)