USDA Raw Water Project


This project was a combination of new construction and renovation. The Town of Boone required significant improvements to their infrastructure to continue serving their growing service area. Harper's scope of work included work at three different project sites. At the water treatment plant, the Harper Team performed extensive renovations including installing new caustic chemical storage and feed and bulk chlorine based disinfection storage and feed systems with their associated pipes and pumps. The WTP also required a new 1MG prestressed concrete finished water clearwell, chemical rapid mix and flocculation equipment, sedimentation systems, filtration system, emergency engine generator and high service pumps with related piping, controls and electrical system modifications. At the new raw water intake, the Harper team constructed a subsurface infiltration gallery in the South Fork New River that included an air burst system, pump station concrete wet well structure, pre-engineered building, four vertical turbine water pumps, emergency engine generator and associated piping, valves electric controls, access road with precast concrete box culvert and site work. The new raw water booster pump station included construction of a CMU building, three horizontal split case water booster pumps, electron magnetic flow meter, emergency engine generator and associate piping, valves electrical controls, precast concrete box culvert and site work. Adverse weather and unexpected site conditions provided unique challenges for the project team. Despite these challenges, Harper was able to deliver a quality product to the Town of Boone.

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