TJ Ellison WTP


Expanding the TJ Ellison Water Treatment Plant from 8 MGD to 12 MGD required extensive upgrades across the plant. In addition to more and larger pipe and new electrical and laboratory components, Harper built a new chemical tank farm to house the new and larger bulk chemical tanks. The new concrete pad holds three bulk chemical tanks and includes the DHEC required containment area to avoid chemical spills. Harper also added two (2) new filter bays and renovated four (4) existing filter bays along with upgrading filter gallery piping, valves and flow control devices. Throughout the project, the Harper Team partnered with the Owner and Engineer to ensure all MWBE and NCDNR requirements were met, including certified payroll and sales tax reporting. The Team also worked together to value engineer elements of the project to deliver a final product within budget while meeting the Owner's "wish list."