Sumter Water Treatment Plant


Harper built the new 4.0 MGD water treatment plant and associated wells for the City of Sumter. Adjacent to the existing wastewater treatment plant, the work involved a two-story administration and filter building, two induced draft aerators, four sedimentation basins and dual media sand filters, one 1.5 MG cast-in-place clearwell, and the associated pipe, electrical, SCADA, and chemical work required for a new treatment plant. Harper self-performed the majority of the concrete pours over the course of this project as well as the installation of equipment, pipe, and sitework.

What People Are Saying

“Harper and your response on this project has not gone unnoticed by The City of Sumter. I heard many positive comments from the City on your responsiveness. There were also many positive comments from others last night about how good the plant looked and what a good job you all did. You definitely have something to be proud of in that plant. Thank you to everyone at Harper for working together with the City and us to deliver them a first-class facility. Look forward to our next plant together.”

Danny Ware, PE
Vice President, Civil Engineering
(for Sumter Water Treatment Plant)