ReWa Piedmont WWTP Headworks and EQ Basin


Members of Harper’s Environmental Systems Division (ESD) worked concurrently on the EQ Basin and Headworks structure at ReWa’s new green-field membrane facility. Construction of new cast-in-place concrete headworks structure included influent and bar screen channels. The headworks structure, which was built on stilts due to location restrictions and requirements, presented extremely challenging concrete forming. Additional headworks structure features included the grit chamber, screenings dewatering, and effluent flume and channel. All were constructed on a jobsite with multiple contractors, leading to constant communication among all parties. The EQ basin consisted of the construction of a new four-million gallon cast-in-place concrete basin with 18-20 ft. tall concrete walls and integral concrete catwalks. The treatment facility itself involved a screening structure utilizing fine screen technology, coarse bubble aeration, submerged membrane technology, thickened waste activated sludge handling, chemical treatment facilities, including chemical bulk storage, UV treatment, and plant re-use pumping facilities. This work was one contract among many for ReWa on the same site and required detailed construction coordination with the construction manager, design team and several other contractors on site.