MarleyLilly Headquarters


Harper constructed this first class facility for MarleyLilly's corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility. This building boasts 70,000 SF with 10,000 SF of administrative office space and was built with expansion details to allow the building to easily expand in the future as this fast-growing company continues to grow.

Harper was selected as the General Contractor to build the new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility for Marleylilly. Harper won this project by offering to build the facility using Tilt Up Wall panel construction which proved to be less expensive than precast wall panels originally designed for. The Harper team was able to successfully produce the unique projected architectural elements using site cast Tilt Up wall panels.

This is truly a first class facility. The 2 story office includes premium Class-A modern finishes with an atrium entrance. The adjoined manufacturing facility includes many modern elements to streamline their production process. Expansion details were also built into the facility to allow the building to be easily expanded in the future as this fast growing company continues to grow.