The Robert J. Stevenson Water Treatment Plant Facility and Raw Water Pump Station


Pioneer Rural Water District (Pioneer) elected to construct a new water treatment facility to provide water for its roughly 18,000 customers, instead of purchasing water from neighboring municipalities. Buying water reduces short term costs associated with creating infrastructure but does not provide long-term price security. Pioneer selected Design South Professionals (Design South) and Harper General Contractors (Harper) for design and construction of its new facility. During design, Design South worked closely with Pioneer to identify priorities and understand budget and schedule constraints.

The Team settled on an initial 2.5 MGD design that is easily upgradable to 3.0 MGD with the installation of additional modules. Post-bid, Harper partnered with Pioneer and Design South to provide additional value engineering insights, moving the project closer to completion. Construction involved a greenfield membrane filtration plant, raw water intake/pump station and raw water transmission main connecting the plant and the intake. The water plant included Evoqua membrane filters, backwash and clean in place systems and a chemical feed system with an onsite hypochlorite generation disinfection system. The treatment facility also houses high service finished water pumps, a 1 MG prestressed clear-well, flocculation equipment, plate settlers, residual handling lagoons, and plant control system. The raw water intake on Lake Hartwell was constructed using a 35' deep x 16' diameter gravity caisson and tunneling installation with 560lf of 30" raw water intake pipe. Vertical turbine pumps convey the raw water to the water plant through over 14,000lf of transmission line.

The final project was commissioned on May 24, 2019. With expansion capabilities to 5.0 MGD, this plant has the capacity and distribution network to provide water resources for economic development on the southern-most exits of Anderson and Oconee Counties along the I-85 corridor, providing a plan to support growth in this region.

What People Are Saying

“This membrane project was unique for the Upstate of South Carolina and we trusted Harper to pay attention to every detail during construction. Harper exceeded our expectations bringing this project in under budget.”

Terry Pruitt
General Manager
(for The Robert J. Stevenson Water Treatment Plant Facility and Raw Water Pump Station)