Clemson Sanitary Sewer Project


The Harper Team built a new pump station with a new wastewater submersible lift station for pumping wastewater from the Clemson West Campus area over to the Main Campus wastewater system. The project also included site grading, new electrical service for the pump station, a new retaining wall and site fencing. Harper employed an underbridge crane to install 700 linear foot bridge crossing with new casing and wastewater piping underneath the Hwy 93 bridge pipe to ensure proper elevations on the pipe as well as a safe work environment. The Project Team, Design Team, and Owner worked closely during all phases of the project, from preconstruction to construction, to closeout. During the preconstruction phase, Value Engineering options were provided to the Owner in order to stay within budget for construction. The construction phase included overseeing the schedule and project costs to make sure that the project was completed on time and within the Owner’s budget. Weekly on-site meetings by the project team and close coordination with other Contractors working on-site resulted in a successful project. Regulatory agencies were also kept abreast to the construction schedule due to highway lane closures and bridge crossings that were required by the project. The closeout phase included working closely with equipment vendors, the Design Team, and Owner to ensure proper start-up and documentation of the new submersible lift station.