Christ Church Episcopal Sanctuary


Harper was selected for the restoration of a prominent, historical, 165 year old Episcopal church in the middle of downtown Greenville, SC. The project involved renovations to the 15,650 SF building, while keeping the sanctity and continual operation of the cemetery which surrounds and comes all the way up to the walls of the church. Harper worked to create a new, larger chapel within the existing structure, mimicking the original sanctuary design with structural trusses, stained glass windows, and a columbarium. There was a complete renovation of the redesigned undercroft area to include upgraded bathrooms, choir rooms, rehearsal rooms, kitchenette, closets, mechanical and boiler rooms and a new audio-visual system.

The exterior renovation involved a 100% tuck point of one of five remaining brick steeples in the country as well as repairs to the rest of the church exterior and a complete restoration of concrete stucco buttress caps. Additionally, the instillation of a new synthetic slate tile roof on a 25/12 pitch and additional lightning protection. Interior renovations included replacing the entire HVAC system. The team also installed 100% fire sprinkler coverage and upgraded the plumbing and electrical. In addition the project included the removing, restoring, and reinstalling of original antique stained glass windows, as well as repairing the sanctuary’s large decorative structural wood truss members in place.

What People Are Saying

“The church looked beautiful - everything was just as I had hoped more than a year ago when we began this ambitious project. Each of you played an important role in bringing this day to fruition.”

The Rev. Dr. Harrison McLeod
(for Christ Church Episcopal Sanctuary)