Camperdown Academy


Camperdown Academy is a school providing excellence in the education of dyslexic children. They provide a tailored education for children with language-based learning differences from first through eighth grade, creating a learning environment conducive to their alternative learning style and preparing them for a lifetime of education.

Harper was selected by Camperdown Academy to serve as the Design-Build contractor to construct a new 31,000 SF school on an 8-acre site to house their growing needs. The project scope included full site work and utilities, new roadways, asphalt paving, and playing fields. The school is designed around learning ages and specialties, including first and second grade wings, along with focal spaces for math and sciences. Beyond 21 classrooms, the school features 21 individual tutor rooms, teacher work spaces, nurse and administration areas, a library, multi-purpose art/music/drama room, and a full gymnasium. The exterior is composed of brick and precast concrete and is accented with a beautiful timber canopy that wraps two sides of the building.



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