Chemical Systems

Chemical Systems are integral to the treatment process and we approach each one as such. Whether we are building a new plant or performing upgrades at an existing facility, our team has the expertise to install and commission a wide range of chemical systems. Since we have built our business in the Carolinas, we have long-standing relationships with local suppliers which allow us to provide our clients with excellent budget and schedule opportunities. The Harper ESD Team works closely with our suppliers to ensure the system meets specifications and plant requirements as part of our preconstruction efforts. We actively communicate with the Owner and Design Team to clarify discrepancies prior to purchase and delivery of the system. Our Safety Team also prepares a site-specific safety plan prior to installation. During installation, our team utilizes field measurement in combination with 3D technology to analyze existing conditions and verify calculations. Harper self-performs the installation and testing of all chemical systems we put in place and we trust our vendor partners with the final inspection and operator training associated with each system since they have the expert knowledge regarding operation and training. Throughout the installation, Harper serves as a single point of contact to the Owner and Design Team, meticulously checking pumps, pipes and parts for quality and adhering to the highest safety standards.