Harper was selected by SEW Eurodrive to serve as Design-Build contractor for a new 156,000 SF manufacturing facility for the assembly of heavy industrial gear drives, and an additional 38,000 SF, two-story office building.  

The Design-Build procurement process was chosen to utilize the expertise of both a strong general contractor and a proficient design firm to make recommendations on how the project could best proceed.

As the Design-Build contractor, Harper fully utilized their preconstruction service to examine opportunities to make intelligent decisions for the project’s budget, quality, and schedule.

Examples include:

  • Extensive site analytics to determine the feasibility of additional growth at SEW Eurodrive’s new location
  • Mechanized racking system planning, alternates, and considerations
  • Efficient steel support and recommendations for 5 to 20-ton cranes
  • Mechanical systems review
  • Multiple market verified budget reviews

The result of the collaboration brought on through the Design-Build process resulted in a project that met the client’s desires for both form and function. Additionally, the targeted budget and schedule were also maintained.