Renewable Water Resources (ReWa), the primary sewer utility in Greenville County, has seen the benefits of a Master Service Agreement (MSA) first hand on multiple projects. The MSA between ReWa and Harper’s Environmental Systems Division (ESD) allows ReWa to bypass the regular design-bid-build/hard-bid process for projects under a specific value and partner directly with a chosen contractor, in this case Harper. This relationship expedites projects by eliminating the solicitation and bidding periods and moving directly into contract and putting work in place. The MSA approach also leads to a more dialed-in schedule and budget. ReWa knows the exact rates the Harper Team will charge for work based on the pre-negotiated values in the MSA and the Harper Team is able to provide a specific value for the project with limited contingency based on extensive discussions of the project scope with the ReWa Team.

For the Farrow Road Pump Station Improvements Project, the Harper Team installed a new magnetic flow meter, bypass port, and miscellaneous electrical improvements at one of ReWa’s pump stations in Greenville County, SC. Prior to listing the work, ReWa was able to develop a conceptual budget for the improvements based on the rates in Harper’s MSA. Once Harper reviewed the project, at the request of ReWa, the Harper Team was able to provide a specific value for the work, as well as ideas to improve the proposed schedule and budget. During this process of design and constructability review, the Harper Team minimized ReWa’s project management load and the need for additional design services. While the Harper Team does not actively design or re-design projects, the decades of experience the ESD Team bring to a project allow the Project Manager and Superintendent to advise Owners on constructability. Our existing relationship with ReWa allowed their team to trust our recommendations and focus on other projects, increasing their overall productivity. The resulting project was completed within budget and schedule with minimal involvement and downtime for ReWa staff and operations.

What People Are Saying

“Harper has been responsive and efficient in helping ReWa troubleshoot and address various issues within its sewer collection system under our Master Service Agreement. Harper has delivered quality work on all assignments including replacement of pumps, motors, and valves at several existing sewer pump stations and rehabilitation of the aerial pipe crossing at the Reedy River and new Cancer Survivors Park.”

Will Nading, PE
Engineering Project Manager
(for ReWa Master Service Agreement Projects)