Veterans Day: Helping Our Community

This Veterans Day, a team of people came together to serve local veteran Jason Livingston. Mr. Livingston, who suffered trauma to his legs while serving in the War in Afghanistan, was awarded a Purple Heart, the oldest military award still given to U.S. military members. As a member of The Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 845 in Greenville, SC, commanded by Doug Greenlaw, Mr. Livingston has a community of people who care. Introduced to Doug Greenlaw by Doug Harper, our Equipment and Fleet Manager Sam Ligon became aware that Mr. Livingston was in need of a new driveway, his being in grave disrepair. Sam rallied a local team to gift a new driveway to Mr. Livingston in time for this year's Veterans Day. This team consisted of Norris Supply, Greenville Tractor, United Rentals, Hanson Aggregates, Concrete Connection, Sandlapper Concrete and Steve Poole.

Thank you Sam Ligon for organizing this project and to all parties involved for gifting your time, supplies, and labor to give Mr. Livingston a new driveway!