The Ugly Concrete Tank

A residential eyesore in the Normandy Shores Subdivision will be demolished in September.

What is it?

Seneca’s Water Treatment Plant is referred to by the neighbors as “the ugly concrete tank” that has served as a component of the treatment facility for decades in the sludge handling system. The tank’s purpose was to collect and consolidate solids (mud, dirt, etc.) removed from the treatment stream.

Why now?

Recent improvements at the water treatment plant have allowed the tank to be taken out of service. Normandy Shores HOA President, Phil Lane, has been looking forward to this for over a year, since he first found out about the plans to take down the tank.

“It was an honor for me to make the first hit”, said Phil during the demolition ceremonies.

Harper Corporation ESD Senior Project Manager, Mike Odom, provided gold painted sledgehammers to Phil, Water Plant Supervisor Steve Fletcher, and Utilities Director Bob Faires. Each person had fun giving the old tank a good strike before it comes down in September.

What's Harper doing?

  • Implemented cutting edge technological system that will remove solids 10 times more efficiently (thus rendering “the ugly concrete tank” obsolete)
  • Removal of hazardous chlorine gas system
  • Improvements to chemical storage and feed system