More than anything, we build trust.

More than anything, we build trust.

There is a renovation underway. Our time-honored history of excellence is undertaking a shot of new energy, and it’s one that will lead us as we enter this new chapter in our company.

You see, renovation is changing everything and nothing at the same time. Aesthetically, renovating provides a different look and feel; but strip it all away and you have the same bones you started with. For 68 years, the bones and structure of this company have gone unchanged. Seven decades of perfecting, honing and fine-tuning our process has enabled us to continue as a leader in the industry. The same work ethics, values, and results that have driven Harper will continue to be the foundation of our company for years to come. These elements are our core. We take these bones that are the shell of our morals and structure, and like many of our projects, we enhance them… build them up to make our company better and stronger.

This approach to our company and work also permeates throughout the communities we help build. See, we don’t just build neighborhoods and cities, we are part of them. We are parents of little ones in the school systems. We are patients sitting in the waiting room at the local medical center. We are members of church congregations, worshiping a few pews to your right. We are runners who track miles on the treadmill at the gym across the way. We are sports fans cheering on our team at the pub down the street on a Saturday in the fall. We are customers at the nearest local grocery, picking up ingredients for a family dinner.

We build more than buildings. We help build communities. Every wall that goes up in a school is one step closer to providing a space for a child’s mind to learn and explore. Every column placed in a hospital is one step closer to helping a life. Every pipe we lay for a water treatment plant is one step closer to improving the quality of water for a community. With every wall we construct, every column we place, and every pipe we lay; we build trust.

We are Harper General Contractors. More than anything, we build trust.