CH2M Building has Opened

The Harper Corporation is proud to announce the completion of CH2M’s Greenville office on Verdae Blvd! CH2M’s 70,000 SF Greenville 0ffice is a state-of-the-art, three-story building consisting of corporate offices, conference/collaboration rooms, and dynamic areas for eating and employee engagement.

Project Information:

  • Owner: CH2M Hill
  • Developer: Holder Properties
  • Designer: McMillan Pazdan Smith
  • Project Start: October 2015
  • Project Completion: April 2016

Harper constructed the 70,000 SF building at a breakneck pace of only 5 months. This short timeframe was a challenge, yet a project expectation that Harper willingly embraced. According to David Wise, Harper President, “Holder Properties was very upfront on the schedule for the CH2M building. Open lines of communication always make for a superior project partnership.” Harper employed a robust multi-phase development process, pull scheduling, and extreme coordination to expedite the project. The multi-phase development process allowed 1) different teams to work in conjunction from opposite sides of the building and 2) project construction to simultaneously occur on all three levels of the office building. Furthermore, pull scheduling empowered each subcontractor to enact their own schedule for project completion.

“On any project I favor working with experienced clients. Holder Properties, CH2M, Mcmillan Pazdan Smith, and the diligence of many great subcontractors made a challenging schedule a reality” said Senior Project Manager, Gray Bennett. Bennett is referring to excellent subcontractors such as the CH2M site development team. According to Assistant Project Manager, Brittany Lusk, “Strange Brothers was especially adept at completing the site development process in a timely manner. Without their proficiency we could have had a huge problem on our hands since it rained 33 inches during October and December.” Brittany further explained that after the stone base was put into place, the steel structure and rest of the construction could be completed with much less concern for the challenges of the rain.

CH2M Hill is a progressive company that believes in cutting-edge design and collaborative work space. Consequently, these ideals played fundamentally into the structure’s design. Their office building was created for flexible workspaces and natural light throughout. Eight foot clerestories offer a radiant amount of light to fill each floor. No one, not even the president, has their own office. Instead, demountable partitions and unique design offer a means for the workspace to evolve as the company grows.