Watauga Community Recreation Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

It was an honor to be a part of the Watauga County Parks and Recreation ribbon cutting ceremony for their new recreational center in North Carolina. This incredible ceremony commemorates the grand opening of the newly completed facility, which opened April 26th to the public. “I want to thank everybody in Watauga County who helped make this possible,” said Billy Kennedy, Vice-Chairman of the Watauga County Board of Commissioners. “It took a lot of pieces to put together and multiple commissioners over the years. We listened to what people said, and we tried to make it happen. This is a beautiful building, and it shows that when we all come together, we can do incredible things.”

The 100,000 square foot facility features a competition swimming pool, climbing wall, leisure pool, gym courts, fitness center, multi-use rooms, and an elevated jogging track. Matt Johnson, Vice President of Operations, stated the swimming pools contain over 236,000 gallons of water. “If you do the math that's almost 3.8 million cups of water. You need to thank the staff for managing so much water. Congratulations.” He also noted that over 800 tons of structural steel were used to create the skeleton for the new facility.

We are proud to serve the Watauga community with the delivery of the new recreational center and hope this building facilitates strong community relationships for years to come.

Main Image: Upstate Aerial, LLC