Harper Partners with SC OSHA to Reinforce Safety at McCormick WTP

Harper Partners with SC OSHA to Reinforce Safety at McCormick WTP

Harper General Contractors builds trust first and foremost, and there is truly nothing more powerful than a strong treatment facility built by an experienced team in an environment focused on safety. Our people are our most important asset, and we take pride in keeping their security top priority. That is why we are proud to announce our partnership with SC OSHA.

Considered the most essential practice in the construction industry, proper safety protocol enforcement is vital to the success of all project sites. That is why Harper has entered into a limited partnership with the South Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Administration (SC OSHA) on March 11, 2021. Minimizing the risk of accidents and reinforcing proper training techniques will prove beneficial for all parties. The McCormick project site will receive the SC OSHA team regularly where they will perform training sessions for employees and offer incentives to the contractors who voluntarily improve their performance. The LLR Director, Emily Farr, said, “We appreciate Harper General Contractors showing its commitment to providing a safe and healthy worksite for their employees by partnering with our SC OSHA team.” Harper is looking forward to the ways working with SC OSHA will enhance a safe working environment at McCormick.

This agreement continues to enforce Harper’s culture-based approach to safe work performance. We create and maintain a positive work environment that upholds safe behavior and empowers all employees to take responsibility for safety. Harper performed 1,350 project site safety inspections in 2020 alone, and we have enjoyed a running streak since 2016 of over 1650+ days and 2.1 MM+ hours worked without a lost-time injury. To continue this culture, Harper recently hired Derrick Cain as the Safety Coordinator. He’s joining an effective safety team consisting of Brandt Goodwin the Director of Human Resources and Safety, Jason DeFronzo the Safety Manager, Nick Corley the Safety & Workforce Development Manager, Barry Danladi a Safety & Workforce Development Coordinator, and Dan Wakeley a Safety & Workforce Coordinator as well. Harper also consults with David DeVita, a Safety Expert that assists our Environmental Systems Division. At Harper, quality work starts with quality people, and we highly value our safety team for keeping the well-being of our workers top-of-mind.

Our strong safety team is proud to be partnering with SC OSHA on the McCormick WTP project site. The 3.7 MGD water treatment facility in McCormick, SC, represents a collaboration among McCormick CPW, Turnipseed Engineers, and Harper General Contractors. The Project Team worked closely with the CPW to understand their needs and provided significant value engineering to keep the project within budget. Upon completion, the facility will allow McCormick CPW to continue providing high-quality water as it welcomes new business and customers to its service area.

Water Treatment facilities offer unique opportunities to focus on safety. Our crews work daily around chlorine gas, active treatment facilities, and enclosed spaces, so we spend hours planning tie-ins, concrete pours, and underwater construction. This ensures all work performed is done within proper parameters. We seek to create safe working conditions for our teams and our partners. Each trade partner working onsite receives safety training before starting work. We also develop site-specific safety plans that account for the safety of plant operators, design partners, and the community. At Harper, we not only want our employees to work safely, but we create safe environments where communities can live, work, and play freely knowing their well-being was a priority to their builders. We truly take no shortcuts when it comes to making sure our projects maintain strict safety measures.

Thank you, SC OSHA, for partnering with us to safeguard our staff at the McCormick WTP project site, and thank you, Harper safety team, for working tirelessly to keep everyone at Harper out of harm’s way. In the words of Bryan Royal, "Harper is all in on this partnership."