2019 Wheels for Meals Charity Ride

Ready. Set. Go!
With every push of the peddle this years' 400 cyclists raised enough funds to provide over 24,850 meals for homebound Greenville County residents.

Harper’s Chairman Doug Harper and Team Harper cyclist stated, “Harper has been involved with Meals on Wheels Greenville since its inception. As a company we have raised over $160,000 during our involvement with Wheels for Meals and we will continue to support our community through this great organization.”

As the top fundraiser in this years' 13th annual Wheels for Meals event Team Harper feels grateful to be involved in such an important charity. There are many housebound residents that rely on the food that Meals for Wheels provides on a daily basis.

The average meals prepared each day by volunteers amounts to nearly 1,239 and each meal is then hand delivered by volunteers every day within our community. Harper is a Route Partner of Greenville County and delivers meals each Friday to nearby residents.

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