Master Service Agreement

Harper’s Environmental Systems Division (ESD) has a team dedicated to responding to Master Service Agreement projects. We partner with companies and municipalities throughout the Southeast as an on-call partner through maintenance or indefinite delivery contracts. These agreements provide pre-negotiated rates for projects under a set dollar value, taking the burden of maintenance off of the company or municipality’s in-house team.

Benefits Include:

  • Pre-negotiated rates for smaller projects
  • Experienced team for maximum quality
  • Ability to select your team versus using a bidding process
  • Flexibility to price multiple solution options

Case Study


Renewable Water Resources (ReWa), the primary sewer utility in Greenville County, has seen the benefits of a Master Service Agreement (MSA) first hand on multiple projects. The MSA between ReWa and Ha...

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What People Are Saying

“Harper has been responsive and efficient in helping ReWa troubleshoot and address various issues within its sewer collection system under our Master Service Agreement. Harper has delivered quality work on all assignments including replacement of pumps, motors, and valves at several existing sewer pump stations and rehabilitation of the aerial pipe crossing at the Reedy River and new Cancer Survivors Park.”

Will Nading, PE
Engineering Project Manager
(for ReWa Master Service Agreement Projects)