At Harper, safety is our highest priority. Our culture-based approach to safe work performance is part of the management process for all of our projects. We create and maintain a positive work environment that upholds safe behavior and empowers all project employees to take responsibility for safety. 

Our “SOAR” initiative supports and strengthens our commitment to providing a safe work environment for employees, clients, subcontractors, and the public, promoting Safety, Observation, Accountability and positive Results.

Safety is our highest priority.

Observation demonstrates action. We demonstrate our true commitment to safety by closely auditing our work practices and our work environment.

Accountability is a critical element to our success. We hold every Harper associate and every member of our construction teams responsible for meeting our expectations for safety. 

Results are celebrated with our associates, subcontractors and owners. Working together to meet our commitment to safety will produce positive results for everyone involved. It is important for us to celebrate these achievements together.

SOAR requires all team members to take responsibility for their role in deliberate and comprehensive pre-planning with safety as the major element of concern. Our strides in safety, executed by our Director of Safety and two Safety Managers, have resulted in annual awards from Carolinas AGC and the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.